Play Time Monitor

Play Time Monitor

Why did we develop this app?

A friend of mine wanted help with his sons gaming. They did agree, that the son would spend at most an hour a day after coming home from school playing games on his mobile phone. But no more then that. My friend had no way of making sure, that his son did actually keep his word. As he knows, that I write Adnroid apps for living, he asked me to write him such an app.

Android 5.0 and above actually keeps track of how much time does an application spend running in the foreground (being visible on the display), so I quickly wrote it for him. He was very happy, because now he can make sure, that his son keeps his promise.

That made me think, that this app could help many more parents.

It doesn't restrict the child from using the phone in any way, it just reports afterwards how much time he/she spend using each app. It can be also installed afterwards, as it reports on the historical data captured by the Android operating system.

The app is published on the Google Play Store